Shadowrun - Give me five!

2056 - Rescuing Dr. van der Visser

The runers are summoned again by their contact inside the Vory, who connects them with a very nervous Ms. Johnson.

The mission is to rescue the information amassed by pararcheologyst Arne van der Visser, whom has been lost for two monts in the jungles of Aztlan.

They enter ilegally to Aztlan and then trace Dr. Visser, through jungles and swamps they end in a weird place, an alchera created by the god Gukumatz. Inside the alchera they find that the good doctor is now mad, and somehow in league with dark spirits, bent on corrupting the place and something else in the real world.

They have to kill the doctor, but thedy do recover the information and a gift of power from Gukumatz, the feathered snake god and creator.

Days after finishing the run, news arise about the death of Nina Ebner, the once nervous Johnson.






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