Shadowrun - Give me five!

2061 - Summer Solstice

2061-06-20 ... 2061-06-24

Holiday hires the team to go into the metaplanes entering from a specific location during the summer solstice, with the idea of finding someone as their guide.

During their trip they visit some hyperplanes, purposely built by someone with great power and knowledge of magic:

  • Kraichttaltor
  • Ovrkont vs Sturdjal.
  • Graystone Fortress
  • Dragonsmouth
  • Heleg Grog Tir
  • Queynos
  • Throal

During the trip they manage to unravel one mistery, they are looking for an ancient dragon that goes by the name Icewing.

They find the target and attending to his instructions, they plant an object in a fountain after exiting the metaplanes.


overseer overseer

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